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I, as you may or may not know, am Kaity Jackson. I feel fine saying this because 1: There are at least 3 others I saw when I googled my name, and 2: In the words of my father, "Life's too short to worry about that stuff."

I come to you in this website with, I hoped, something clean and neat to entertain yourself for the few thirty minutes it may take. Beyond that... I hope you weren't trying to be busy for an hour. Subliminally, I'll attempt to spread some political views of Anti-war, Health Care, and our wonderful country's ever-growing debt. While America is creating enemies faster than we can kill them... I'll be making this free website pwettier.

Update Archive

 6/13/08   New Blog post! Flags- The Truth About Their Vomit.

4/12/08   New Blog post! Gang Wars, Pills, and Obama.

1/16/08   Site created! Blog added!



New post in the blog- Hope you're bored!

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Constructive Criticism? Destructive Criticism? Whatever it is, send me an email. Is it urgent? You may be out of luck- I only check messages occasionally.



"The Game Room," in which I will add many free, generic, online games to add a few more minutes to the time it takes to view this page.


A Website you may like to see: Oatmeal101.freewebspace.com, where I have interesting information about (gasp!) Quakers! Of course this is part of the reason the site is named so- What else would I name it after?